VizHub Features

VizHub is a platform for creating, sharing, and collaborating on interactive data visualizations. It's designed for data scientists, developers, and designers who want to deliver high quality bespoke interactive visualizations. It's free for open source, with a premium plan that supports professional work.

Here are a few features that makes VizHub unique:

Hot Reloading and Interactive Widgets

Hot reloading is a way of executing freshly edited code without a re-loading the entire page. This lets you preserve state between runs, accelerating your development cycle dramatically.

Interactive widgets let you tweak numbers and colors by dragging the mouse, not typing. When combined with hot reloading, interactive widgets provide an entirely new experience that makes tweaking numbers and colors riduculously fast and satisfying.

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Real-time Collaboration

Edit code with others in real-time. It's like Google Docs for code. Everyone gets access to hot reloading and interactive widgets, in a live collaborative environment. When anyone runs the code, it runs for everyone.

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Private Vizzes

Work on real projects and sensitive data with private vizzes. Leverage real-time collaboration by selectively inviting friends and colleagues to view and edit your private vizzes. Only available with VizHub Premium.

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AI-Assisted Coding

Write code and solve technical challenges faster by invoking artificial intelligence on-demand. Prompt the robot by typing a comment or partial solution, put your cursor where you want code generated, and click "Start AI Assist". Code will be streamed directly into your editor, as though you are working with a remote collaborator. Powered by OpenAI's GPT4. Only available with VizHub Premium.

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White Label Embedding

Embed interactive visualizations from VizHub into your existing Web pages without any VizHub branding or link back. Just copy the embed snippet and paste it into your HTML. Works anywhere iframes are allowed. Only available with VizHub Premium.

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