Index of Courses

Here’s an index of my public course material, most of which stems from the online graduate course I’ve been teaching at Worcester Polytechnic Institute:


Hi Curran,
I am currently working through the Get it Right in Black & White video and tasks and really enjoying it. Thanks so much for all the effort you have put into developing this and your previous courses.
I have a question that others may also be asking. At face value, the main difference between Datavis 2020 and Get it Right in Black & White seems to be the use/non-use of React. Is this because there are other tools that make the use of React with D3 unnecessary? Is there any benefit in going through the D3 & React course, or will the Get it Right in Black & White provide all the necessary learnings?
Thanks again.


Indeed, they cover different things.

The main feedback I got from Datavis 2020 is that folks want to learn how to do those same things, but without React, for whatever reason. I get that, and did the Get it Right series with no React.

I hope to do a future course that is a combination of the two, where the first half covers visualizations purely with D3, and the second half covers how to leverage those pure D3 implementations within a React context, leveraging React mainly for state management and its component infrastructure.

will the Get it Right in Black & White provide all the necessary learnings?

That depends - necessary for what? There is some overlap between the two, but there are also substantive differences. I’d recommend the Get it Right series over Datavis 2020, mainly because it’s newer and the Datavis 2020 content is getting a bit dated.