Loading and Parsing Life Expectancy CSV Data

Life Expectancy Data

Context: The Global Health Observatory (GHO) data repository under World Health Organization (WHO) keeps track of the health status as well as many other related factors for all countries The data-sets are made available to public for the purpose of health data analysis. The data-set related to life expectancy, health factors for 193 countries has been collected from the same WHO data repository website and its corresponding economic data was collected from United Nation website. Although there have been lot of studies undertaken in the past on factors affecting life expectancy considering demographic variables, income composition and mortality rates. It was found that affect of immunization and human development index was not taken into account in the past. This dataset is to be used for the Data Visualization project.

Motive: What is the geographic distribution of Life Expectancy based on the various attributes considered and compare them with respect to the year.

About the data: Most important factors considered would be Country, Year, Status,Life expectancy,Adult Mortality,infant deaths,Alcohol of which Country and Status are categorical variables and the rest numerical.

Data Source: CSV Link: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/aishwarya8615/89d9f36fc014dea62487f7347864d16a/raw/Life_Expectancy_Data.csv Github Data Link: https://gist.github.com/aishwarya8615/89d9f36fc014dea62487f7347864d16a

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