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Exploring survey data interactively - new join() version

Dynamic axes using the update pattern example with JOIN

In this visualization, the data that's rendered in the view changes because of user interaction Testing the new join() version.


  • Make the nesting dynamic
  • Nest on health, stress dynamically
  • Make x-axis interactive so remove and enter are also needed


A chart showing distribution or relation between to variables. The vriables can be chosen through a dropdown menu resulting in a rerendering of datapoints and axis.

  • Group students by a variable on the x axis.
  • Get data from different vars on y axis


  • Note that d3 has a new way of handling enter, update and exit explicitly as explained in this article.
  • The options in the form are generated from the data using a data join
  • The scales, the data and the selected opton are global. I found that to be nicer than to keep passing them everywhere
  • If you want to add a new option to this interactive graph, all you have to do is add a new computed variable in the prepareData module and everything else will happen automatic 🌈
  • Observe how prepareData module now exports 2 functions separately which we can use to have greater control over the transformation of data from our index.js file.


All code in VizHub is released under the MIT License.