Temperature in Different Cities

Small multiples area chart for one week in 2015.

This is an example of how not to visualize data:

  • Color is meaningless
  • Area under the curve is meaningless
  • It's difficult to compare across area charts

Draws from

Also related - Vega-Lite GitHub Issue: Specify Label Width for Facet

Data: a week of rich sensor data collected by the "Sense Your City" project.


  • Hourly readings for one week
  • Different cities: San Francisco, Bangalore, Boston, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Singapore
  • Various mertics from sensors: temperature, light, air quality, sound, humidity, dust

The data was collected from the (now defunct) Data Canvas - Sense Your City Project. The data was filtered using the data processing script found in GitHub: curran/data/senseYourCity.

All code in VizHub is released under the MIT License.