Loading and Parsing CSV Data for Bee Colony Census Data by County

A program that loads and parses some CSV data. The data description, supporting questions, and note of interesting attributes include:

Data about bee colony census information by county across US states

Bee Colony Census Data by County.csv; from Data World

Appropriate questions: What counties are most likely to be able to maintain bee colonies? Are there cycles of bee migration across counties? Do particular agricultural districts across counties and states attract bee colonies?

Interesting attributes: The Ag (Agricultural) District provides an interesting trend of what bees are attracted to across counties and states. Value provides the number of bee colonies in the county for a particular year and period.

The data is located at the following link: https://gist.github.com/bootshine2/7255c15de1a5c84b03578760c113bb56 The raw data link is: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/bootshine2/7255c15de1a5c84b03578760c113bb56/raw/Bee%20Colony%20Census%20Data%20by%20County.csv

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