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Exports to Seven Countries with Menus

Ming Zhang
This scatter plot shows data about the relationship between GMV(Gross Merchandise Value) v.s. Net Revenue Rate for B.toys sales between 7/01 to 9/13/2018 on JD.com, one of the biggest customer for Rocabin Trade Co., Ltd who have dedicated to market the US toys brand "B." in China.
This data is from Daily GMV data for B. Toys on JD.com in 2018 released by Rocabin Trade Co., Ltd for research purpose.

Please note that:

  • Each of the dots represents one product, there are 108 SKU. When you hover the dot, it will display a tooltips containing the product name.
  • All products are categorised into four bands, from D to Z, ordered by the sales performances of the product, which are decided by the overall performance of Rocabin's all customers besides JD.com.(The algorithm how a product falls into one band is confidential).
  • Acronym

  • GMV: Gross Merchandise Value, it's a number represents sales performance for the product on JD.com.
  • MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, this is usually the full price listed in JD.com.
  • Net Revenue Rate: This is a rate of MSRP divided by actual supply price, this reflects how much profit the product can bring. Substracted all the fee, operation cost and promotion charge, this is an actual rate of revenue against MSRP Rocabin receive from JD.com, while the GMV just represents how much front page price the product has been sold in that platform itself.
  • All code in VizHub is released under the MIT License.