Wheel of Fortune Bingo
Philosophy schools
Pika 3D Dice
D3 v5 Zoomable Sunburst
Selecting a Year on Linechart
Mathematical Graphic Patterns
Melting Data for Multiple Lines
Choropleth map of Slovakia II
Line Chart with multiple Lines
Circles on a Map of Slovakia
Choropleth map of Slovakia
Cheap tricks for Slovakia
Cheap tricks for interaction
Map of Slovakia II
Hierarchia filozofických otázok
Circles on a Map
Scatter plot with menus
Choropleth map with interactive filtering
Choropleth map
Color and size legends
Tree of philosophy schools
blank canvas
Cheap tricks for interaction
lets make a Map of Slovakia
lets make a Map
Bowl of fruit - Hover to select
Bowl of fruit - Click to select
Bowl of fruit - general update pattern
Bowl of fruit
World population
Temperature in San Francisco Area chart
Temperature in San Francisco Line chart
Temperature in San Francisco Scatter plot
Cars Scatter plot
Scatter plot
Customizing axes
Bar chart population
lets make a face