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Hot Circles

Curran Kelleher

Last edited Jan 20, 2024
Created on Jan 11, 2024
Forked from Hello VizHub 3

An example showing the capabilities of VizHub 3.

See also Blank Slate for an intro video on hot reloading.

  • There is no index.html here! That's what enables hot reloading.
  • The entry point is the named export main from index.js
  • The first argument to main is container, a DOM node
  • The container DOM node is a <div> with measurable dimensions
  • You can import './styles.css' to load CSS
  • You can import data from './data.csv' to load CSV data
  • Dependencies such as D3 are configured in package.json
  • Alt+Click on a color to get a color picker
  • Alt+Drag on a number for to change it
  • All changes are hot reloaded
  • Works with remote collaborators!
MIT Licensed