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Last edited May 10, 2024
Created on May 09, 2024

Data viz of the origins of different cat breeds.

On the left is a world map with countries colored based on the number of cat breeds. This world map is zoomable and pannable using pinches and drags. On the right is a scatterplot of cat breeds graphed based on their max life expectancy and max weight.

Currently, the popuptooltip is broken, but when it works, we want there to be a popup for countries and cat dots. For countries, this might look like the country name and a list of cat breeds. For cat dots, this might look like the cat breed and the country or countries it's from.

Additionally, there's a lot of overlap in the dataset, so we're working on adding some jitter to make each cat dot easier to see.

Some tasks:

  • Find what cats are from different countries
  • See what countries different cats are from
  • Compare the number of cat breeds from different countries

Cat breeds data set:

MIT Licensed